All Smithbilt Storage Buildings are up to code

Smithbilt Industries manufacturer ID is MFT-208.

All Smithbilt Storage Buildings are manufactured with stringent quality control checkpoints to meet the necessary Florida State building codes. In most circumstances the steps to getting the necessary placement permit is simple, one should always verify with their local municipality to verify that a placement permit is needed.

When a customer places an order for a building he/she will receive all the necessary paperwork in order to obtain the permit. It is important to note that the building has already been inspected by a state building inspector before it leaves the factory, the permit that you will be applying for is just concerning the setbacks for your particular property and the anchoring of the building. Each building will come with two sets of ​the blueprints for that particular size and model building, and two sets of the anchor drawings. These plans cannot be sent via email due to the fact that each set has to be signed by the engineer as well as have their raised seal stamped on the bottom.

Please note:

Smithbilt Industries recommends that every customer check with their local municipality and if necessary obtain the required permit(s). However Smithbilt does not need to see the permit or require proof that any permit(s) were obtained. If a customer elects to not obtain a permit and is cited by their local city or county then there are a couple of different routes depending on the individual situation. They can charge you double the price of what the permit would have originally cost, make you move the building to a different spot if the current spot doesn’t meet their setbacks, or fine you daily until you pull the permit. If trying to pull the permit for a commercial property please call and speak with us as the process is a little different.

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